This warranty covers all devices sold by Image One Cellular. (Please see table below for classification and warranty coverage). Said warranty covers the handset and accessories (i.e. battery and home charger). The warranty provides for the replacement and or repair of any defective handset and covered component that arises from the re-manufacturer (Image One Cellular). We may also instead issue a credit for said returned phones. Please refer to the credit/replacement section of this document for further details. NO CASH REFUND WILL BE GIVEN UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.

This warranty, under NO circumstance will cover returns that arise from the following:

  1. Damage due to customer abuse
  2. Damage/defect from customer manipulation of software or hardware
  3. Damage sustained during shipping (Claim will be filed against cartage company)
  4. Inability to sell device

Please note that if IOC suspects intentional damage to device or accessories in order to receive RMA credit, we reserve the right to void the warranty in its entirety.

Phone classifications/conditions

Please see the table below for a complete description of phone conditions and corresponding warranty.

Classification/Condition Table

Refurbished Refurbished devices have been stripped down to the
ports, circuit board, and LCD. All housing and other
parts have been replaced unless otherwise noted. A
refurbished device should appear very similar to a
brand new phone in original condition. All refurbished
devices are run throu h a 37 ste QC process.
90 day warranty
(begins on day of Shipment)
A-Stock A-Stock devices are used phones that have minor
cosmetic blemishes on the housing. Small scratches
and very minor wear may be present. However,
A-Stock devices are fully tested and are run through
a complete and thorough QC testing process. A-Stock
phones should operate as well as refurbished devices.
60 day warranty
(begins on day of Shipment)
B/C-Stock B/C-Stock devices are phones that have significant
cosmetic wear and possible damage on the outside
housing and lenses. All BIC phones are thoroughly
tested, however they will need to be either refurbished
or reconditioned for sale to the end user.
30 day warranty
(begins on day of Shipment)
PTG PTG stands for power up, test call, & good LCD.These devices are often the same in appearance as B/C-Stock phones, however they have not been tested extensively. They are only tested to be able to power up, the LCD works, and a test call has been made. No other functionalit is uaranteed or implied. 7 day warranty
(begins on day of Shipment)
Used - Untested Used - untested devices are simply any device that does not qualify under any of the above classifications and is not tested. The cosmetic condition can range from fair to bad. These devices are not checked or tested at all by our facility. As-is, no warranty

RMA Process

The RMA process is as follows (NO EXCEPTION). When a device or devices are found to be defective, the customer shall fill out the RMA form located on our website: under forms. Once completed the form must be emailed to: The RMA personnel will review and then provide an RMA number which will then be emailed to the customer. Once received, you must print the form and include it in the package to be sent back to Image One Cellular RMA department. Please write the RMA number on the outside of the package. Please note that the RMA number is only good for (7) business days. Please note that although you may have received an RMA number inside your warranty period, if you wait and send in phones outside of (after your warranty expires), you will not receive credit or replacement for these devices.

If the above procedure is not followed or a package is sent back without obtaining RMA number and form, the package will be refused at our facility and sent back to you. Simply contacting your account executive and informing them that you are sending phones back does not qualify as following procedure and will be subject to refusal. THERE WILL BE NO EXCEPTION TO THIS POLICY.

If for any reason we accept your package without proper paperwork and number, there is a risk that it will sit in our facility and is subject to forfeiture. Any phones sent that are out of warranty or were not originally purchased from Image One Cellular they are subject to sit indefinitely in our facility until such time that you pay to have them shipped back to you.

Credit and Replacement

Any credit and or replacements given in return for phones under the RMA process will be determined as follows: Within the first 30 days of a warranty, full credit or replacement value will be given in the event of no customer damage. After the first 30 days, between 31 and 90 days (60 days for A-Stock devices) credit or replacement value will be given at the current price (value) on the IOC pricelist. After the warranty period expires, no credit or replacement will be granted. Any handsets with physical wear such as scratches, if approved by the RMA department will only receive up to a 50% credit of current sale price. Please see the table below for further explanation.

Situation1 - 30 Days31 - 90 DaysAfter 90 Days
Credit given for RMA on account Credit of original amount paid will be applied on account. Credit in the amount of current price on IOC price list applied on account. No credit given
Replacement with same device model Replaced with same device. Replaced with same device. No replacement given
Replacement with a different device model Credit for original price paid will be applied towards the different model. Credit for present value based on current pricing on IOC price list will be applied towards different model. No credit applied to replacement.

Restocking Fee

Some returned devices may incur a 15% restocking fee based on purchase price.

Shipping / Returning

In order to either receive full credit or a replacement of equal value, all phones must:

  1. Be in original condition (both physically and technically)
  2. Retain their original flashing and software. No customer manipulation allowed.
  3. Shipped with original accessories (i.e. box, manual, charger, and battery) actual cost of accessory will be levied on the credit for each missing accessory.
  4. If OEM box is written on or damaged, any credit given will be subject to actual cost of box.
  5. Must be packaged properly as not to subject the phones to damage during shipping.

Please send your complete and properly followed procedured RMA to the following address:

Image One Cellular
RMA Department
4697 Northwest Parkway
Hilliard, Ohio 43026