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As a service provider you are responsible for the entire customer experience. Not only do you provide your end users with service and data, you also must ensure that they have the right equipment. High quality refurbished handsets and accessories from Image One are the perfect alternative to expensive low margin new equipment. With the lowest defect rate in the industry, less than 5%, Image One Cellular has supplied national carriers, regional and rural service providers, and a wide array of MVNOs with the best remanufactured equipment available anywhere in the marketplace.

What We Offer:

  • Customized logos on housing
  • CDMA, GSM, and IDEN Technology
  • Complete Fulfillment and Reverse Logistics
  • Complete de-branding and customized branding
  • Phones programmed to meet your PRI and PRL Requirements
  • Power up logos and banners tailored to your specific needs. (Certain restrictions apply)
  • Handsets ranging from simple bar phones all the way up to the latest smart phone technology

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